Instructor ${~\cdotp~}$ Investments (The Stock Mkt) ${~\cdotp~}$ Summer 2020 ${~\cdotp~}$ Score: 4.77/5.0

"Professor Seregina is a great instructor! Her lectures were very interesting and her way of teaching the course made it easy to understand concepts that I had seen in other classes that I didn't fully understand. I appreciate our Professor's efforts in holding live zoom lectures as well as recordings of the lectures to accommodate students during this global pandemic. Professor Seregina provided as all the resources needed to pass her course and there were never any difficulty's with holding lectures. I think that out of all the instructors I had these past two quarters, Professor Seregina was the most prepared and flexible instructor during this pandemic. Professor Seregina is a great instructor and it is evident that she is passionate and dedicated to teaching!"
"By far one of the best “professors” i have had if not the best. Complex problems are simplified and she leaves room for students to ask questions. Not only does she prepare us in the classroom but she assists us in preparing for real-life scenarios. In addition, the slides provided are easy to understand and she is extremely flexible in her teaching which makes her a great professor. When a student puts in effort into her homework and attends her lectures then they are rewarded with a higher grade. Simple as that."
"I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. Thank you for doing your best to accommodating towards students especially during this weird time as of now."
"Professor Seregina has been very helpful throughout this pandemic. Above all else this class was organized efficiently and the material reviewed gave insight to real world problems. Homework was constructed based on the material gone over in lecture so there was never a time the lecture slides didn't have the answers. Even with the method to turn in test made it as stress-free as possible, she allowed us to either turn it in through ilearn but since difficulties arise we were allowed to email our responses. Overall this class was a very insightful class and i would definitely take another class taught by this professor."
"I like how that the professor give detailed examples of the concepts we learned. I also liked how she presents the lessons through power points and post them. I also appreciate how she records the lessons and post them so I can watch them again."
"This teacher was very helpful and responded to questions immediately. Strongly recommend taking her class."
"Great lectures. some really good information i have learned."
Teaching Assistant ${~\cdotp~}$ Intermediate Macro ${~\cdotp~}$ Winter 2019 ${~\cdotp~}$ Score: 7.0/7.0

"Ekaterina, You are wonderful! Please please please continue to be as great as you are. If there is any request It would be for you not to stop and continue doing what you are doing. To be more specific, I really like the way you go over the Handouts; not only you are telling us what to do but you are explaining concepts and giving useful examples. I like the examples and the structure you follow. I like how you emphasize in what is important to focus on. You have made a difference this quarter with your interest, dedication, and articulated teaching. You are a true TA! I feel that you will be a great professor in the future and I feel happy for the future student that will get to be guided by you. Thank you!"
"Ekaterina Seregina is the definition of a terrific teaching assistant. She makes the material make sense, and I got to know her very well this past quarter. Economics 105A can be confusing somethings, but she provides strategies of how to solve each problem. I frequently went to her office hours instead of the professor’s office hours because of my availability. I hope that I will be one of her students again, and I am sad that she is not going to my teaching assistant next quarter."
"Ekaterina is by far my best and most helpful discussion section T.A I have ever had. She was extremely clear in class and took the initiative to help us in anything we needed, even just a simple clarification. I think she was very straightforward and wanted to help us as much as she could and I appreciate that so much. She was also very fair and throughly explained everything. She was truly amazing."
"Miss. Kate is professional in delivering class materials. Her command of English is appropriate and I do not have a problem with it. Prepares me for upcoming exams and suggest problems I can work on to practice/improve on. Very approachable and has a calm demeanor. Clarifies my doubt clearly and efficiently, and she is a fair grader."
"VShe has honestly been one of the most helpful teaching assistants in the history of the economics department. She explains and teaches the material in the most simple ways for students to grasp the information. She also doesn't hesitate to reexplain material that students do not understand. She is also sympathetic to slower students and does not get annoyed when they have trouble. Her instructions are clear and succinct. I truly laud her for her great work."
"Ekaterina is an amazing TA. She makes the economic functions easy to understand."
"Thank you for all of your help you’re a really good teacher. The way you explained things helped me out so much and you’re one of the best TAs that’s I’ve had thank you"
"Great TA. Explains every concept clearly and helps a lot with learning material that the professor reiterated."
"Great teacher. Excellent at explaining and great at efficient use of time."
Teaching Assistant ${~\cdotp~}$ Intro to Macro ${~\cdotp~}$ Fall 2017 ${~\cdotp~}$ Score: 6.21/7.0

"Ekaterina was amazing. You could see that she clearly understood the material and wanted her students to excel in macroeconomics ,perhaps that is why we all did so well on the exams. Unlike others, I saw her effort to translate all her thoughts to English before speaking as an opportunity to learn that there are no limits to what we can accomplish, if we just adapt to our environment"
"There would be times where I would miss lectures for the class but as long as I showed up to the discussion the TA was very clear and helpful with teaching the material for the week and I would be able to do good on my quizzes and exams because of the TA."
"The instructor's teaching skills were effective in clarifying the lectures and understand the steps to answering the discussion questions."
"Went through the material at a steady pace so she wouldn't leave anyone behind. Explained how she got every answer, pleasant and welcoming."
"Your discussion sections were really helpful for me. The combination of Professor Lang introducing concepts and you going over problems really reinforced the material. Even though we didn’t participate much, I really found this strategy helpful. Thanks for the wonderful quarter."
"She is very straightforward with the content we needed to learn. I really liked her class."
"The TA was very helpful in clarifying what we had learned in lecture. If we were confused, her review and examples were very helpful in understanding them."
"overall, this was a great class. This class taught me a lot about macro Econ. This discussion covered a huge amount of work load that was confusing during lecture. I was pleased with this class."
"This discussion class was very helpful in terms of preparing students for upcoming quizzes and tests. Taking notes in this class is very much encouraged as it helped me further with my understanding of the economic concepts. The instructor was always prepared and had a clear intention of what each class would be structured on. This made the class enjoyable and created a good learning environment."